Shamrock Homes

Systems-Built Homes

  • What are "Systems-built" homes? They are homes, or home styles, that allow, (based on design), for precut, pre-assembled components to be used for construction or assembly. Generally an ambiguous meaning that can apply to a roof truss, sheathing, or basically any "new" form of construction/ construction materials, that can be accommodated either entirely, or in part, "off-site. Contact us today if you have any more questions.

State Code Modular

Housing components that are constructed in a "closed" environment and are built to the specific states building codes the components/ home will be built for are know as a "state code modular". These structures meet, (and generally exceed), the same codes used for site built structures. Lending, appraisal value, and re-sale return, comply with that of the same sized site built home. State code modular components will come to the site generally 70% complete, (depends on the type of design). Cutting the build time, (from start to finish of the project), in half. To see a sample of our state code floor plans, click below.

We build homes for everyone.

Universal Design

Universal Design is a form of engineering that complies for all people encompassing special needs and disabilities. Although different then ADA style housing, Universal design allows for an easier way to live and
provides many conveniences that may be necessary when physical impairment is present when handling day to day household activities. To see our universal design floor plans, click below.

ADA Design

ADA stands for Americans with Dissibilities Act, (1990). It allows for complete access, pertaining to home accessibility, without extreme effort for a reasonable way of life in handling day to day activities. If you'd like to konw more about our ADA design capabilities and floorplans, contact us today!